The global automotive industry is a key sector of the economy for every major country in the world. With its growth and expansion during the past decades automotive manufacturers are looking into increasing their efficiencies, lowering the costs and reducing the time to market.IFS Applications has been the Enterprise Resource planning system of choice for many of the automobile manufacturers/ assemblers, Tier 1 to Tier N suppliers and after sales service providers. With its ability to support the complete lifecycle of the industry spanning from design and development, demand planning, supply chain management, production, sales to after-sales and it being fully integrated with the other internal processes such as Finance, Human Resources and Quality as well as its ability to integrate with the third party applications, IFS creates a perfect platform for its clients to optimize their processes and maximize their profits.

Enterprise Analytics with their highly skilled and experienced IFS and Industry experts has helped many of the global leaders in automotive industry to enhance their ERP experience. Starting from common solution design, implementation, integrations, modifications, continuous improvements, upgrades, project support and business as usual support to global rollouts, Enterprise Analytics has been the trusted partner for the industry giants as well as the small and medium scale enterprises in the automotive sector.


Manufacturing is a continuously growing industry with an evolving contribution to the global economy. The increased complexity and the competitiveness has got more attention of the companies to invest in ERP Enterprise resource planning) systems.

IFS is capable of catering the specific needs arising based on manufacturing industry. This includes industrial, Process and High- tech manufacturing and various manufacturing models such as discrete manufacturing, continuous manufacturing, make to order, make to stock and engineer to order etc.

Manufacturing planning modules of IFS such as Advanced Planning Board and Constraint based scheduling facilitates flexibly in managing scarce resources optimally.

Enterprise Analytics’s IFS and industry specialists has helped organizations to model their ERP solutions in line with their unique business processes enhancing the competitive advantage over the years. Furthermore, Enterprise Analytics has been engaged with number of global manufacturing projects assisting the clients from the blue print designs to the roll-outs and to post go-live support.

Aviation and Defense

Being an industry with highest level of regulations and extremely critical operations, Aviation and Defense industry poses a demanding an evolving challenge to the ERP vendors in catering the industry specific requirements. The growing competition and the constant movement towards improving efficiencies emphasize the need for automation as well as smooth integration of business processes.

IFS Applications delivers different solutions covering all aspects of the industry including Commercial Aviation, Defense, Fleet and Asset Management, Services and Performance based Logistics, Military Logistics and Aviation and Defense Manufacturing. Continuous research and development efforts ensure that the application meets the latest industry requirements.

Enterprise Analytics’s Aviation and Defense experts who are well versed with knowledge and experience on both IFS Applications and the industry domain, have supported global leaders in the sector throughout their ERP life-cycle. The global footprint of Enterprise Analytics assures the compliance to the localized regulations and the requirements of the industry.

Oil and Gas

Being one of the most project and asset oriented industry, the drive for increasing the asset availability and for minimizing the cost of maintenance by the organizations in the Oil and Gas sector has led them to opt for ERP solutions which provide high visibility on such aspects. One of the major challenges that an ERP solution has to overcome within this industry would be to serve the locations such as oil rigs with extremely limited connectivity.

IFS applications have thrived in the Oil and Gas industry for decades through different solutions including Enterprise Asset Management, Project Management and Service Management etc. catering the varying requirements of their clients. IFS replication functionality has been specifically designed to support the Oil and Gas industry for serving the offline workstations. IFS Mobile Application development has also caught the attention of the organizations in the sector as a mobile reporting platform, which is of great importance in field services management.

Enterprise Analytics’s IFS and Industry experts have years of experience in provisioning of services in the Oil and Gas Industry. Spanning from common solution build for the global companies, roll-out support, modifications and integrations to on-shore and offshore application synchronization, Enterprise Analytics has helped its clients to obtain the maximum out of their IFS implementation.

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