Forecast Squared for IFS

Enterprise Analytics introduces Forecast Squared the world’s first algorithmic forecasting solution for IFS Applications.

Forecast Squared is an interactive forecasting and planning tool based on Artificial intelligence designed and developed by our product partners Linear Squared. This solution will enable you to forecast demand effectively and accurately using IFS historical data. Subsequently, the forecasted demand can be seamless pushed back into IFS Applications for further processing.

Key Features

90% Accuracy

With the use of existing IFS data and considering other variable data such as interest rates, inflation etc… the Artificial Intelligence based forecasting has proven unprecedented accuracies up to 95% on an annual basis or 90% on month-on-month basis. Our algorithms consistently outperform off-the-shelf solutions in the market.

Algorithmic Variable Selection

Algorithmic variable selection facilitated by the Artificial Intelligence engine eliminates biases that are common in manual projections, which leads to more efficient yet accurate decision making.

Scenario Comparison (What-If Analysis)

Forecast squared facilitates comparison of projections under multiple scenarios (demand drivers) for more objective and scientific appraisal of multiple business strategies. E.g.:  Demand planning executive can carry out the  what-if analysis for proposed promotional activities.

Use of Public Data

In addition to business specific confidential data, Forecast Squared can utilize the publicly available variables ( E.g.: Interest rates, Inflation, etc…).

Quantify Influence of Individual Variables

Our proprietary algorithms quantify the impact of the contributory variables which can be analysed via our dashboard. Users will be able to analyse the breakdown of how each variable impact forecast to reconcile the projections.

User Friendly Interface

Collaborations within our panel of experts in Data science, Software engineering and Industry have made Forecast Squared the most user-friendly tool of its kind in the world. Simplified interfaces help demand planning executive to spend his/her time on decision making activities than spending time on figuring out complex demand planning modules in ERP application. The step by step process, which underlies uploading data to defining variables, enables effortless consumption and decision making.

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