Capacity Squared for IFS

Enterprise Analytics introduces Capacity Squared, the world’s first AI driven fully automated planning platform for production planning. The solution covers seamless integration between IFS Applications and Capacity Squared.

Capacity Squared is an interactive production planning tool based on Artificial intelligence designed and developed by our product partners Linear Squared. This solution will enable you to plan your production line with a 99.5% planning accuracy. Subsequently, the generated plan will be pushed back to IFS Applications for execution. Any resulting change to the produced plan can be easily performed through capacity squared and will be picked up by IFS.

Key Features

20% Plant Capacity Enhancement

Comparisons with non-automated production plans, under factory environments have confirmed capacity enhancements up to 20%, enabling factories to accept more orders leading to additional revenue opportunities.

Planning Engine powered by AI

Leveraging cutting edge algorithms, data scientists at Linear Squared have developed the world’s first AI driven capacity planning optimizer for the Apparel industry, that has been tested and validated under factory conditions for guaranteed results.

99.5% Allocation Efficiency

Under strict industrial and controlled environments, the AI based planning engine has delivered production schedules with factory efficiencies that are unparalleled and unprecedented compared to the conventional non-automated approach.

Cloud Based or On-Premise

Supports cloud-based or on premise IFS deployments

< 5 minutes planning time

Significant reductions in planning from several hours to less than 5 mins enables planners to accommodate ad-hoc developments in the factory floor and supply chain more frequently and accurately, leading to less disruptions, timely delivery and lower variable costs per unit.

What makes Capacity Squared Stand-out from Other Tools

Customisable to any factory size, line capacity and complexity

Customized optimal production plans at factory level requires accurate plant specific inputs such as Line costs and Production efficiencies. User interfaces of Capacity Squared are designed to facilitate recreating the status of the plant environment within minutes, ensuring accuracy and consistency, especially for manufacturers with multiple production plants.

Utilize calendar and working hours to reflect realistic shop floor conditions for time horizon

Generate an accurate production plan which incorporates actual resource commitments daily. Accuracy of the production plan depends highly on how well factory resource availability is factored in the planning time horizon. Capacity Squared allows planners to manage a built-in calendar which is integrated with the IFS Work Time Calendar.

Generate optimal plans at a click of a button

The time-consuming process of manually developing a production plan at periodic intervals, is replaced with the state-of-art, AI based optimizing algorithm that allows users to generate a production plan with the highest possible efficiency, at the click of the button, allowing planners re-plan at their discretion.

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